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BND is a binary version of the ASCII-based format used to define the boundary of PKG objects.

struct BBND
  char version; // == 1
  long nVertices;
  long nMaterials;
  long nPolys;
  BBNDVertex   vertices[nVertices];
  BBNDMaterial materials[nMaterials];
  BBNDPolygon  polys[nPolys];

struct BBNDVertex
  float x;
  float y;
  float z;

struct BBNDMaterial
  char[32] name;
  float    elasticity;
  float    friction;
  char[32] effect;
  char[32] sound;

struct BBNDPolygon
  short indicies[4];
  short material;

Bound polygons can be quads and triangles. If a polygon is a triangle, the last index is 0. Therefore a future exporter must never put the vertex index 0 last in a quad polygon. All strings are fixed 32 byte arrays with terminator byte 0x00.