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The AR files of MM2 make up a common file tree, the files are extracted to a, shared, virtual file system when needed. The structure of this file system is as follows:


  • root
    • anim

      Animated objects

      The anim folder holds definitions of the animated objects of MM2. These are the pedestrians.

      • *.anim

        Animation sequence

        Each animation sequence, associated with a state, is made up by a number of key frames. Each key frame has several parameters that should be applied to each bone in the skeleton. By moving the skeleton, the entire model will move.

      • *.csv

        Animation state model

        The animation of a pedestrian is based on a state model. A pedestrian is always in a specific state and each state is connected to an animation sequence. For example, if the pedestrian is in the state "WALK", the animation named pedanim_womwalk.anim is looping over and over again. When something happens, the pedestrian might make a transition from one state to another.

      • *.rays

        Unknown: rays

      • *.shaders

        Shader definitions

        The shaders are defined in exactly the same way as for PKG objects. The pedmodel_*.shaders files follow the specification of the PKGFileData in the PKG file format.

      • *.skel


        All the parts of a pedestrian model are bound to a skeleton. A skeleton is constructed by a number of bones that are attached with joints. In MM2 the skeletons are defined using a tree structure.

      • *.mod

        Geometry model

        The pedmodel_*.mod files define the actual 3D model of a pedestrian. It defines vertices, some material attributes and the surfaces of the model.

    • aud

      Audio files

    • bound

      Object boundaries

      MM2 use three file types for collision detection and material properties on regular PKG objects, BND, BBND and TER. It is not clear when to pick .bbnd/.ter over .bnd, but some indications imply that objects placed with INST typically uses the binary formats.

      • *.bnd

        ASCII bound

        Simple, ASCII-based file format defined here.

      • *.bbnd

        Binary bound

        Binary version of the ASCII-based format, defined here.

      • *.ter

        Terrain bound

        Unknown format, defined here.

    • city

      City definitions

      Each MM2 city has a number of files defining the actual city, its geometry, monuments, traffic flows and so on. Many of the files that controls these things are stored in the city folder.

      • <cityname>
        • audio_pathsets
          • *.pathset

            Local city sound placement

        • decals.pathset

          Decal placements

          Decals are flat images that can be placed on the ground and on facades to increase the visual detail level. Decals are placed using pathset files.

        • props.pathset

          Prop placements

          Props are, typically, small 3D objects like road cones, park benches and similar that can be placed around the city. Props are placed using pathset files.

        • propdefs.csv

          Roadside prop definitions

          The roads defined by the PSDL file can be automatically be filled with props. This file defines repetiton controls for certain props. The proprules file controls which of these props are to be placed next in line.

        • proprules.csv

          Roadside prop rules

          The roads defined by the PSDL file can be automatically be filled with props. This file defines the sequencing of the prop definitions defined in the propdefs file. The PSDL file selects a proprule index from this file for each road.

      • <cityname>.aimap

        Ambient control file

        This file controls what ambients are present in this city.

      • <cityname>.bai

        Ambient path file

        This file defines where and how the ambients may move in the city. See BAI for details.

      • <cityname>.cpvs

        Potentially visible set definition

        MM2 uses a PVS, or potentially visible set, algorithm to speed up rendering of each game frame. These files contain the pre-calculated PVS tree. See CPVS for details.

      • <cityname>.inst

        Stationary objects

        For stationary objects that require more detail than the PSDL file can provide, the INST file can be used to place PKG objects throughout the city. These objects will not move for anything.

      • *.ldef


      • <cityname>.lmap

        Light map definition

      • <cityname>.lt*


      • materials.csv

        Material mappings

        This file simply lists what material should be used together with which image map.

      • materials.mtl

        Material definitions

        Defines material properties such as friction and possible particle effecs that apply to a particular type of surface.

      • <cityname>.psdl

        City geometry

        The PSDL file defines the major geometry of the city. All roads and most buildings are defined with this file.

      • <cityname>.sky

        Sky dome definition

        Defines the name of the sky dome object and the position for the center of this dome relative to the PSDL.

      • <cityname>.water

        Water of death definition

        Defines the height of deadly water - if a vehicle goes below this height it sleeps with the fishes. Possibly a list of PSDL block ids can be listed for blocks that define deadly water at any height.

    • geometry

      Object definitions

      The geometry of generic 3D objects are defined by PKG files. These are used for many things, from player vehicles to statues and complex facades.

      • *.pkg

        Object geometry

        Actual geometry is defined in these files, definition can be found here.

      • *.mtx

        Object matrix

        Defines a transformation matrix for local parts of a PKG. Format is defined here.

    • jpg

      Game interface graphics

    • texture

      Game image maps

      • *.tex

        Custom image map file

        The TEX file format is a format for storing bit mapped images. This format is made by Angel Studios for their games.

      • *.tga

        Targa image map file

    • race

      Race definitions

      • <cityname>
        • *.aimap

          Ambient control file (Amateur)

        • *.aimap_p

          Ambient control file (Professional)

        • <racename>waypoints.csv

          Race waypoint positioning

        • <racename>data.csv

          Race waypoint positioning

        • <eventname>.csv

          Event definition

        • mm[blitz|circuit|crash|race]data.csv

          Race progression definitions

        • multicopwaypoints.csv

          Cops and robbers locations

        • <cityname>_rewards.csv

          Race reward definitions

        • <racename>-[a|p]-<n>.opp

          Opponent definitions

        • <racename>.pathset

          Race props

    • scene


      • modtypes.ini

        Mod types?

    • tune

      Tuning information

      • banger
        • <objectname>[_BREAK##].dgBangerData

          Object collision properties

          Defines properties controlling PKG objects that has collided with something. The format is described here.

      • camera
        • <vehiclename>[_dash].camPovCS

          Camera definitions

        • <vehiclename>_[NEAR|FAR].camTrackCS

          Camera tracking definitions

      • effects
        • <effectname>.asBirthRule

          Particle effect definition

          Particle effects are used in weather, vehicle effects and collisions. The format is described here.

      • vehicle
        • <vehiclename>.aiVehicleData

          Ambient vehicle data

        • <vehiclename>.asNode

          Joystick/Wheel settings

        • <vehiclename>.dgTrailerJoint

          Trailer joint information

        • <vehiclename>.vehCarDamage

          Vehicle damage control

        • <vehiclename>[_opp].vehCarSim

          Vehicle tuning

        • <vehiclename>.vehGyro

          Vehicle stability

        • <vehiclename>.vehStuck

          Vehicle instability

        • <vehiclename>.vehTrailer

          Vehicle trailer information

      • [rain|snow].asBirthRule

        Weather particle effect

      • <vehiclename>.asNode

        Vehicle control settings

      • <vehiclename>_dash.asNode

        Vehicle dashboard settings

      • <cityname>.cinfo

        City definitions

      • <vehiclename>.dgTrailerJoint

        Trailer joint settings

      • <vehiclename>.info

        Vehicle information

      • menu.csv

        Game interface menu options

      • widget.csv

        Game interface widgets

      • <cityname>.mmHudMap

        Hudmap definitions

      • <vehiclename>.mmMirror

        Vehicle rear view mirror definition

      • <texturenamestem>.movie

        Animated image sequence definition

      • <vehiclename>.vehTrailer

        Vehicle trailer information