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Each city can have one INST file, the INST file describes where to place monuments and other objects modeled in a PKG model file. Each placement allows a selection of paint job, scale and orientation as well as location of a PKG.

Format description

The format is simply a list of components placing one PKG object each. There are two types of components:

Coordinate component
Gives you complete freedom in placing the object - the component includes a complete coordinate system definition that allows for arbitrary rotation and scaling of the object.
Simple component
A shorter component that offers limited options for scaling and rotating the placed object.


    INSTComponent[] components;
    unsigned short blockIndex;              // Index +1 of the block this 
                                            // package is placed on
    unsigned short modifiers;               // Modifies the appearance of 
                                            // the object, see below
    unsigned char  type;                    // Highest bit indicates 
                                            // component type, the rest is
                                            // length of "packageName"
    unsigned char[type & 0x7f] packageName; // Zero-terminated name-part of
                                            // the PKG filename
    INSTComponentHeader header; // The type field has the top bit cleared
    Vector      xAxis;
    Vector      yAxis;
    Vector      zAxis;
    Vector      origo;
    INSTComponentHeader header; // The type field has the top bit set
                                // (type >= 0x80)
    float    xDelta;
    float    zDelta;
    Vector location;
    float x;
    float y;
    float z;

The modifiers define what paint job should be used for the object, among other things. The least significant bits of this field, currently I use the lowest eight bits, but I have a feeling that 256 paint jobs are not possible. Maybe this should be the least four bits instead. Other bits are still unknown. It seems as if bit 8, 0x100, is set for most monuments that are visible from every direction. Monuments doesn't appear to have more than one paint job, but facades generally do.

INSTCoordinateComponents define a complete coordinate system used by MM2 to convert each vertex in the PKG to city-coordinates. This is done by defining the locations for (1, 0, 0), (0, 1, 0), (0, 0, 1) and (0, 0, 0) of PKG coordinates in city coordinates.

INSTSimpleComponents use a more compact, less flexible method of placing geometry. The vector named location is the coordinate for (0, 0, 0) of PKG coordinates in city-coordinates. These objects face the the direction given by xDelta and zDelta. The scale is determined by the magnitude of the rotation vector.