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Local objects

Some PKGs have several geometry files that are defined in a local coordinate system. These are recognised by the fact that they have an additional, external file in the filesystem. The name of this file is <pkgname>_<geometryname>.mtx where pkgname is the filename of the PKG, without the .pkg extension and geometryname is the name of the internal geometry file excluding the trailing underscore and LOD name. For example, the PKG named vpauditt.pkg has a locally defined geometry file named WHL0_H. The MTX file for this is named vpauditt_whl0.mtx. If the geometryname only contains a LOD name, the geometryname is replaced by (null).

What the MTX file does is to define the location and extent of the geometry file in question. MM2 can manipulate the piece of geometry based on this information in order to animate the parts of the PKG object. For example, turning the wheels depending on current velocity and steering, while maintaining quick and accurate collision detection.

MTX Structure

The file contains four vectors. The first three define a bounding box and a center of gravity while the fourth defines an offset for the coordinate system.

struct MTX
   Vector3D min;    // Minimum x, y and z
   Vector3D max;    // Maximum x, y and z
   Vector3D cog;    // Center of gravity, object is rotated around this point
   Vector3D origin; // Origin of the local coordinate system