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Motorola have entered the ever grown Tablet market place, and their new model, the Motorola Xoom tablet seems to be set to ruffle a few feathers amongst some of the so called major names, specially the iPad. The Samsung Galaxy tablet has proved a strong model since its introduction thanks to the popularity of Android as a platform. The 2,2 Froyo version it used however was made for cell phones, and even though not looking bad on a big screen, was by no means truly optimised for it. Enter Android 3.0 Honeycomb, which the Motorola Xoom tablet is very deservingly pleased to sport. The attractive facet of this is it's designed with larger sized displays in mind, so on the 10.1 inch screen on offer it's very good. It operates in much of the very same way as Android devices we're used to like the Tab and HTC Smartphones such as the Desire. Downloads are still plentiful which is simple to use, the interface takes on a look that is different from what we are actually used to. In addition to loading programs that old way, they may now be set into sub categories about the main screen. The word 3D is a you can very much correlate with the Motorola Xoom tablet, even the brand new GoogleMaps shows a ghostly outline of buildings in 3D. Opposing the Motorola Xoom towards the Samsung Galaxy once again, and one area where they clash is within sizing. Once the Apple iPad was launched, its display was deemed a little on the big size, hence the Tabs 7 display screen proved popular and simpler to take along with you. Motorola have approached this from an alternative angle and thrown all ideas of portability from the window preferring a presentation screen which looks very good and slightly tops the Ipad by measuring 10.1 inches. Eventually the customer will decide whether or not they favor looks or size, however the Xoom tablet definitely impresses due to its mammoth 1280 x 800 resolution. Performance is very good too because of the screen being capacitive and supporting multi-touch, and also housing an accelerometer, a proximity sensor along with a light sensing unit. If you are looking for a multi-media tool, the Xoom is fantastic in this section too, having a couple of cameras of two and 5 megapixel quality as well as excellent hi-def video capture. The Xoom tablet is among the more thrilling tablet gadgets to hit the marketplace, and the fantastic platform together with the fantastic screen should certainly make certain it holds its against the a lot more established brands in this field.

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